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Celebrating the centenary of the Russian Revolution in Madrid

Today, 7 November, marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution (at the time, Russia still adhered to the old Julian calendar, 13 days behind that of Western Europe and North America).

This site has analysed in detail the important events and processes begun in February 1917, with the overthrow of the Tsar, to the Bolsheviks’ insurrection and the coming to power of the working class. 

We will also post examples of how the revolution is being celebrated today across the world, starting with a magnificent rally held in Spain, last weekend.

On Saturday 4 November, 250 workers and youth attended a vibrant rally to celebrate the centenary of the October Russian Revolution in Madrid. Taking place in the context of the ongoing revolutionary crisis in Catalonia and the Spanish state, the meeting emphasised the relevance of the ideas of Bolshevism in the current battles to do away with capitalism and change the world…

For more information and to view photo gallery of the Madrid rally go to:


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