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Class and Art by Leon Trotsky

Culture Under the Dictatorship (May 1924) Delivered: May 9, 1924. Speech during discussion at the Press Department of the Central Committee of the RCP(B) on Party Policy in the Field of Imaginative Literature. Publisher: New Park, London, September 1974, ISBN ...

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What Is Proletarian Culture, and Is It Possible? -Leon Trotsky

 (1923) Transcribed for the Philisophy/History Archive, mirrored here with permission. Every ruling class creates its own culture, and consequently, its own art. History has known the slave-owning cultures of the East and of classic antiquity, the feudal culture of medieval ...

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Communist Policy Toward Art -Leon Trotsky

(1923) Transcribed for the Internet by Andy Blunden. ( thanks to MIA) It is untrue that revolutionary art can be created only by workers. Just because the revolution is a working-class revolution, it releases – to repeat what was said ...

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